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Storage Servers

Achieve a fantastic price-performance ratio while acquiring ample storage space. If virtual machines (VMs) are your preferred method of data storage, then our storage Server is an excellent choice for your needs.
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Custom Storage Configuration

Through the optimisation of disc space on our dedicated servers, we strive to achieve the greatest possible price-to-storage ratio.
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Simplified Administration

With only a few clicks, the web user interface makes cloud services and account management effortless.
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FTP link Sharing

Sharing files using FTP enables users view local and foreign files. Complete FTP access to account files and directories.
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VPS Price Plans

Choose Perfect Package for you

We understand that each customer is unique, and their needs vary. That's why we're excited to offer a range of carefully crafted packages designed to cater to your specific requirements.
Storage Small

Setup Fee: Rs.2500.00

Public Bandwidth
Network IP/s
Intel ATOM
1 x 2 TB HDD
1 x IPv4
Storage Large

Setup Fee: Rs.2500.00

Public Bandwidth
Network IP/s
Intel Xeon E
3 × 2TB HDD
100 Mbps
1 x IPv4
Intuitive Dashboard
Business Intelligence
Migration Assistance
DDoS Protection
Full Root Access
OS Hardening
Instant Setup
Server Optimisation
100% Service Uptime
Free Migration
What's Inside?

Dedicated Servers Technical Specifications

Technical Support

Why SSD Matters



High Performance Read/Write Speeds
Moderate Read/Write Speeds
Industry Toughened Stable Disk Drives
Standard Hard Disk Drives
Ideal for
Websites, Applications and Software Services
Standard Websites
Upto 1.7 TB
Upto 1000 GB
Energy Efficiency
Low Power Consumption
High Power Consumption
System Admins and Developers

Need a cheap, high-performing server?

Our Dedicated Storage Servers provide isolated resources, ensuring the seamless operation of mission-critical applications where latency and uptime are paramount

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Optimized for Databases

With a focus on hosting databases, our servers are finely tuned to deliver the speed and reliability required for efficient data management.
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Data Backup Solutions

A dependable and effective file videos backup solution ensures data integrity and availability in unexpected occurrences.
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File Provisioning

Seamlessly provision and manage files with our user-friendly storage solutions, facilitating smooth data workflows within your organization.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You cannot alter the hardware specifications of your Storage Server plan because each plan is pre-configured to maximize your return on investment. On the other hand, you can follow your plan’s instructions and upgrade to a better setup or more storage.

    A storage server is what exactly? A storage server, which is sometimes referred to as a file server, is a sort of server that is utilized for the purpose of storing, securing, and managing applications and data. This server was designed largely for the purpose of storing data and providing access to that data via the internet or via a shared network.

    • Transfers physical control of backup to the organization.
    • We save critical information internally. As a result, your information remains private.
    • You can access data without an internet connection at all.
    • Flexible system configuration.

    • When disc space becomes an issue, server performance quickly drops, and automated processes like backups may stop working.

    One of the most significant choices that a company will have to make is regarding the kind of storage server that it will employ. During the process of making this selection, it is necessary to take into consideration a number of criteria, including the quantity of data that you need to store, the requirements for redundancy, the cost, and the accessibility requirements.

    Larger organizations typically enter the server-based storage market through the implementation of new initiatives, such as the development of new applications that call for significantly more storage capacity. Server-based storage gives businesses the ability to deploy storage using standard X86 server hardware, which eliminates the need for them to purchase arrays that are typically difficult and costly to implement.