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Budget Linux

Small projects can benefit from the most cost-effective Linux hosting. Because they are thought to be beneficial to them, students and trainees have been the focus of attention.
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Business Linux

As a result of its high level of dependability, it is primarily utilized by small and medium-sized organizations. Those who are operating many websites and businesses will benefit from this!
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E-Commerce Linux

Extremely responsive and quick, with a dedicated account manager to support our most valued customers as part of our top-notch web hosting service.
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WordPress Hosting

Numerous preconfigured and operational features are included with our WordPress hosting, enabling you to commence website development without delay.
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Windows Hosting

The Plesk Panel, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2019 and a wide range of additional hosting tools offer ASP.NET developers a great deal of power and flexibility.
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Customized Hosting

You will get the best possible experience with customer assistance and be able to obtain your own hosting constraint at a low cost when you use our customizable hosting service
Why Choose Green Line?

Fast and Secure Web Hosting

Green Line Hosting offers a variety of website hosting packages at a range of price points. These packages include varying levels of server power and speed.

Quickly Create a Website

Start online quickly with a complete website solution, starting with WordPress or another sitebuilder and launching your site.

Website Transfer with Ease

With the assistance of our migration experts, you can confidently migrate your website to us.

E-Commerce Solutions

Start your online store with a free shopping cart installation and free SSL and other features.
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Knowledge Base

Our team has created a knowledge base to help customers finish tasks quickly.

Support Team

Our staff collaborates with customer support to deliver the finest service.

Blog Articles

We write blogs for our customers to help them learn more about our services.

It is a widely used control panel by web developers and hosting companies. It is frequently used in conjunction with WHM. The cPanel dashboard includes features for managing web files, MySQL, statistics, data tracking, and SEO.

Allows to easily perform a variety of tasks through the use of a robust and user-friendly web interface. It is a better option if you wish to maintain a consistent control panel across multiple servers.

The most simple and popular method for creating your own website or blog. Indeed, it powers over 43.3% of all Internet websites an it is a free and open-source content management system licensed under the GPLv2.

SitePad is a well-known WYSIWYG website builder. Suitable for any type of website, including eCommerce. It can be accessed directly from your cPanel dashboard. With more than 450 themes and over 40 widgets.


A truly quick Auto Installer. In one step, a user can install scripts. Softaculous can automate the installation of any of its 382 scripts in a single step. As a result, the user is not required to go through the process of installing Individual Scripts.

Through its unique event-driven architecture, it enhances the performance and scalability of web hosting platforms. It is capable of simultaneously serving thousands of customers with little server resources such as memory and CPU consumption.

It is a worldwide network that ensures the security, privacy, speed, and reliability of anything you connect to the Internet. Protect your websites, application programming interfaces, and Internet apps.

It is an open and automated certificate authority that makes use of the ACME protocol to issue free TLS/SSL certificates to any client that is compatible. These certificates can be used to encrypt data communicated between your web server and its users.

Reach Out to Our Technical Experts for Comprehensive Support and Innovative Solutions

It's never been easier to create your own website

Green Line Shared Hosting provides all the features, tools, and guidance necessary to build and launch truly impressive WordPress websites, regardless of whether you use the Website Builder or traditional WordPress.
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Domain Manager
Enables you to easily manage, update, transfer, purchase, and manage all of your domains from a single location.
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Resource Protection
Even if the shared server hosts additional websites, your website's performance is protected and unaffected.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Web hosting is a service provided by businesses (the web host) that sells or leases space on a server for you to store the files that enable your website to be accessed via the internet. These businesses typically require that you own a domain and may assist you in buying one.

Shared hosting is a popular type of hosting that allows a provider to host multiple websites on a single physical web server. Due to the fact that the majority of websites do not require a high level of server resources, shared hosting enables providers to offer a stable service at a low cost. If you determine that shared hosting is the best option for you, you’ll need to select a shared hosting type. We offer six different types of shared hosting: Linux Hosting with cPanel (Budget Linux, Business Linux, and E-Commerce Linux), Windows Hosting with Plesk, WordPress Hosting, and Customized Hosting. Shared hosting enables you to share hosting space and costs with other users while maintaining the performance and space requirements of your small business website.
When you sign up for a Shared Hosting package, the primary benefit is that you are purchasing hosting at a discounted rate. Along with numerous features, our shared hosting platform is managed, which means users are not responsible for server administration or platform patches. When you purchase a Green Line Shared Hosting package, you will also receive an SSL certificate, a domain name, and other additional features.
Anyone who owns a website requires hosting in order to put it online. Shared Hosting is an affordable option for new users that is compatible with WordPress. Any website hosted by Green Line comes pre-installed with WordPress. Shared WordPress Hosting integrates seamlessly with all WordPress features, including automatic WordPress updates and installation.
When you purchase a Shared Hosting package, you become one of many users sharing a web server. This means that no specific resource allocation (RAM, CPU, etc.) is guaranteed for your website. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting provides additional space and bandwidth to handle an increase in website traffic. VPS Hosting enables you to scale a website over time, allowing you to easily expand as your business grows. With VPS Hosting, users have a much greater degree of control, allowing you to customize your control configuration to your liking.
The domain is nothing more than a name, a virtual address that is only functional when pointed to a host server. To have your domain point to your website, you must subscribe to a hosting service and point it to that host.

If you already have a website and are considering switching web hosts, you will require migration assistance. Green Line offers a migration service that can assist you in securely and correctly transferring all of your files. Because migrating your website can be time consuming and complex, we want to provide you with the best possible support from our team of experts.

With Green Line, upgrading your web hosting service to a different hosting plan is simple. We take pride in ensuring that there is no downtime during the upgrade process, which means that your website will remain operational throughout. This way, you won’t have to worry about revenue loss or a poor user experience.
With your Linux Shared Hosting Plan, you are not required to purchase a new domain name. Without having to purchase a new domain, you can use your existing one with our Linux Web Hosting Service. During the checkout process, you simply need to select the option to use an existing domain name.
Yes, You can purchase domain names from other domain registrars and direct them to your Green Line server if you wish. Transferring an existing domain name to Green Line is also an option if you want to keep your domain name and website hosting with the same provider – which we recommend for convenience and ease of troubleshooting. Simply contact our support staff for assistance.
Our support team is our pride and joy at Green Line. Our support team is dubbed the customer success team because we go above and beyond to ensure our customers’ online ventures are a success. Therefore, you should not hesitate to contact us if you encounter a problem. We’ll make every effort to resolve any issues and point you in the right direction.
No, Green Line makes it as simple as possible for beginners to pick up the fundamentals along the way. Numerous simple tasks, such as configuring an email address associated with your domain names or installing a content management system, can be accomplished with just a few clicks and require no prior technical knowledge.

While it’s simple to learn the fundamentals and get started, our web hosting services are ideal for experienced web developers. After all, we believe that nothing should be unable to be both user-friendly and powerful.