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Our user-friendly service will let you capitalize on the growing domain reselling market. Help companies get online by purchasing and selling domain names at reasonable prices. Join us today and begin constructing your own domain resale empire.

LK Domain API

Resell .LK Domains with Our Easy API

Are you hoping to grow your domain reselling company in Sri Lanka? If you want to resell .LK domains through your own platform, our LK Domain API will make that a breeze. If you're looking to grow your business and provide your customers with the domain extensions they require, our API is simple to implement and comes at a reasonable price. Join us today and you'll have no trouble reselling .LK domains tomorrow.
WHMCS Plugins

Our WHMCS Plugins Simplify Domain Reselling

Our WHMCS Add-ons are developed to facilitate the process of reselling domain names. Because of the tight integration between our platform and WHMCS, managing and selling domains is a breeze. Our WHMCS Plugins are a great addition to your domain reselling business, with features like automatic domain registration, domain management, and more. Sign up with us today to simplify the way you resell domain names.
All-in-One Business Platform

Simplify Your Domain Reselling with WHMCS

WHMCS is a unified system for managing and selling domains, as well as hosting websites. Manage domain registrations, invoices, and customer service and more with WHMCS. Our platform's flexible design features let you create a website that perfectly reflects your company's identity. WHMCS also integrates with the industry's top domain registrars, making it simple to administer and resell a wide range of TLDs. Get started with WHMCS right away to streamline your domain reselling and hosting management.
Domain Reseller Panel

Empower Your Clients with Our Domain Reseller Panel

You can give your customers full control over their domains with our Domain Reseller Panel. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of the Reseller Panel for registering, renewing, transferring, and managing their domain names. You can add your own logo and adjust the platform to suit your customers' specific requirements because of its flexible design. In addition to offering streamlined integration with your backend system, the Reseller Panel makes domain management a breeze for your customers. Sign up now to use our Reseller Panel to simplify the domain management process for your customers.
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Adjustable Pricing

You get to pick what you sell, how much you charge for it, and how much of a profit you take home

100% Always Free

There are no upfront costs or ongoing maintenance fees. We will only take usable activation deposits

Pre-Integrated Payments

Gain access to Payment Processing without the hassle of integrating complex technical systems

Your Branding

We are completely hidden from your customers because you can brand all of the interfaces they will see

700+ Items

You can use over 700 products with your Reseller Account, including email, SSL, servers, and more

Bulk Discounts

All top-level domains have uniform pricing. More sales means higher profit margins

Easy Client Billing

Built-in billing system for customers and seamless synchronisation with WHMCS

Client Sub-Accounts

Customers will appreciate having their own branded portals to manage their domain registrations

24/7 Expert Support

Get in touch with our product specialists anytime, day or night, 365 days a year

Easy Transfer Option

We’ll take care of the manual transfer of your many domains so you don’t have to worry about it

Simplified Domain Management and Protection

Why be a Domain Reseller ?

Profit from Emerging Markets

New domain extensions such as.xyz, .blog, .health and more can be resold for a profit.

Gain Control of Your Company

Unlike our rivals, you will always retain full ownership of your business with our White-labeled solution.

Quick Upsells & Cross-Sells

Take advantage of domain names as an excellent product to upsell and cross-sell.

Not Only Domain Names

Join our Reseller Programme and resell Domains, Email, Hosting, and more than 700 other products.

Zero Investment to Start

Domain reselling requires no upfront costs because all you need is our platform to start making money.

Grow Your Income

Gain more money as your margins rise with increased volume at no extra cost to run the business.

WHMCS Alternatives

Although WHMCS is a common all-in-one platform, it may not be suitable for all domain resellers. You can simplify your domain reselling business with the help of several WHMCS alternatives. These options range from open-source programmes like OpenCart and Magento to more specialised frameworks like HostBill and Blesta, each with its own set of tools to help you run your business. Whether you’re trying to find a cheaper alternative, a platform with a certain set of features, or just want to see what else is out there, our WHMCS alternatives section can help you find the best fit for your domain reselling business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green Line, one of Sri Lanka’s largest Registrars, offers a suite of private-labeled programmes designed to help entrepreneurs and web professionals launch successful domain- and hosting-reselling ventures. To help Resellers establish their own identities in the eyes of their respective Customers, we’ve designed a Domain Reseller Programme and a Hosting Partner Programme. Since this is a private label offering, we will not be accessing any of your customer information.
You do. You can set individual prices for products and services, offer sales and promotions, and even offer discounts to certain customers. Additionally, we offer a global pricing option that enables you to quickly set prices for all of your products simultaneously.
As a reseller, you will have access to a reseller control panel through which you can manage your customers, view their orders and transactions, and even offer them support. You can also create sub-accounts for your customers, allowing them to manage their own services while remaining under your brand.
We utilize a system of Advance Deposit, which requires you to maintain an Advance Account with us. When a customer makes a purchase, funds are deducted from this account (your Current Debit Account Balance). To begin reselling, you must make an initial deposit that is completely usable. However, if you made a larger deposit, you would immediately receive better pricing on all of our products and services. View our pricing page for more information.
When you sell white-label products or services, you replace the name of the company that produces them with your own. Consequently, whether you want to be a white label email reseller, a white label hosting reseller, or both, the primary brand name your customers see will be yours. In the vast majority of instances, your brand is the only brand your customers will ever encounter. If you sell a domain, for instance, you must disclose the accredited domain registrar. A customer would perceive your brand as the seller in this scenario.
We are available 24/7. Our award-winning support team can assist you with getting started, addressing any technical issues, and even offering advice on how to become a reseller. Everything is included for free in your plan.