OUR Virtual Private Server PLANs

VPS Hosting

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Allowing the user to take charge of their own account administration without requiring any management from the provider that is being provided by the provider.
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Fully Mannaged

Find top-notch technical support and help with our Managed VPS services. You can focus on operating your business while we handle server setup, 24/7 monitoring, and expert support.
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Local Servers

Supporting your website's increasing traffic, removing performance lags, and guaranteeing lightning-fast speed are all possible with VPS's dedicated server resources and quick upgrades.
Freedom to build

High performance at Unbeatable Prices

Scale up Virtual Private Servers quickly as needed and take advantage of fast NVMe storage, modern infrastructure, and more traffic than you'll ever need.
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Multi-Server Management

You can expand your account to include additional VPS, Shared, or Dedicated hosting services and manage them all in one location.
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Access Control

Establish unique passwords for each type of access, such as server administration or ownership details. You can also use a single password for everything.
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Root Access

Create an unlimited number of file transfer protocol (FTP) accounts on your virtual server for uploading, downloading, and editing files.
Approach to Security

Our Priority is your Security

Green Line takes security extremely seriously. Not only do we adhere to strict procedures and our team receives extensive security training, but we also regularly audit the physical security of our Data Centers to ensure we adhere to the industry's highest standards.
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Physical Security

Our first pillar is to maintain strict access rules to our Data Centers. This includes 24/7 CCTV surveillance and magnetic card access control.
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Following the Process

We believe that adhering to our processes gives our customers the highest level of security.
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Involving Customers

Our security strategy would be incomplete without our customers' input. That's why we insist on 2FA and require you to authorize anyone contacting us via email about your account.

Operating System Distributions


CentOS 7

CentOS 8


Ubuntu Server 20.04

Ubuntu Server 22.04 

Ubuntu Server 23.04

Ubuntu Server 23.10


Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2022


Debian 10

Debian 11

Debian 12


AlmaLinux 8

AlmaLinux 9


openSUSE 11.0


Release 12.4

Release 13.2


Rocky Linux 9


Control Panels & Cloud Apps


cPanel & WHM® Version 114


Plesk Onyx 17.8


Docker Engine version 24.0


Webmin 2.105

Usermin 2.005


CyberPanel v2. 3.3


DirectAdmin v1.644


Version 0. 9.8. 1122


Global Availability

We are running in all of the world

Feature Different

Unmanaged vs Managed VPS Hosting

Server & Application Setup

Basic server setup with pre-installed control panel (cPanel/Plesk). Control panel should be purchased based on the customers requirement

Configuration of the core services like Apache, DNS, FTP, mail, PHP, Mysql

Configure local & offshore backup solution. Offshore backup solutions should be purchased by the customer

Assist customers to configure FTP & email client in their local system

3rd party application installations including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Tomcat, Cloudflare, KernelCare, CloudLinux, Softaculous etc. License should be purchased by the customer




Assistance to transfer contents from cPanel – cPanel, Plesk – cPanel, cPanel – Plesk, non-control panel server to server with cPanel/Plesk control panel

Server Monitoring

Monitors the core services like HTTP(S), MySQL, FTP, POP, IMAP, SSH, DNS

Monitors server load & disk space utilization


Tweak core services like Apache,Mysql,PHP for improved performance

Regualr disk space audit to prevent full disk utilization

Security and Support

Basic firewall tweaking and on-demand firewall configuration like blocking IP addresses, close unused ports etc to tighten the server security

Installation of security patches and updates provided by the control panel provider

Extended Support assistance, on-demand phone assistance by T2/T3 Support Engineer

Assistance for hardware & Network issues

Website & database restoration from the backup

Assistance for troubleshooting coding related issues


Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the most adaptable alternatives for web hosting. Using private partition technology, you will obtain dedicated server resources. You can freely manage, configure, and personalize your server. Therefore, VPS is the optimal alternative for professionals whose projects require both freedom and power.

We offer unmanaged VPS hosting services, meaning you will be responsible for all server administration. However, Green Line handles the back-end, controls the physical servers, and ensures speed, availability, and stability.

Managed VPS: Managed VPS hosting is a service in which the hosting provider handles all the core server tasks, including OS updates, software installation, software updates, and security. With managed VPS hosting, you can concentrate on your core business rather than server management.

Unmanaged VPS: As the name suggests, you will be responsible for all server maintenance. You will need comprehensive knowledge of Linux and the command line for this.

Self-managed VPS hosting allows you to administer your own virtual server. This affords you the liberty and flexibility to manage it as you see fit.
Each Cloud VPS plan is pre-configured for maximum value, so you cannot customize or alter the hardware specifications of your plan. However, you can upgrade to a better configuration or increase storage as per your plan’s recommendations.
Yes. A VPS can be partitioned and organized according to your specifications. This allows you to host multiple websites or projects by allocating a separate space for each. You also determine the volume of each space. Installing a control panel for web hosting, such as Plesk, cPanel, etc., can simplify this process.
Shared hosting is another popular method for hosting websites and applications; it differs from VPS hosting in several significant ways. The user shares the majority of the host’s resources, including memory and CPU, with other websites or applications. This may cause a performance decrease if another application experiences a traffic spike. Using a shared hosting solution also denies users root access to the server, reducing your server’s level of control. VPS hosting providers utilize a fully dedicated virtual server with root access, so even though your VPS is on the same physical machine as other virtual private servers, you have greater control over the server’s configuration and do not have to share resources.

Yes, you can. You can use your virtual servers for a variety of purposes, including VPN server, web server, mail server, and game server. The beauty of the VPS hosting service lies in its unrivaled control over server and resource administration.

As long as it does not necessitate modifying the kernel of your VPS and your server has sufficient memory, you will have no trouble running any software applications, services, or modules.

When shared hosting is no longer sufficient for your needs and you have the technical knowledge to operate a virtual server, you should upgrade to our VPS solutions.
Natively, VPS solutions do not include domain names or email services. These options can be accessed directly through our website.
Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting are both available from our company. Both plans provide a variety of inexpensive VPS hosting options from which to choose.